Hey Jammers! Welcome to my fantastic blog. Hope you love it! ;D

Friday, December 21, 2012

New friends, Gift exchange, and much more!

Oh, hey jammers! Oh.. today I made a new friend. Actually two.
Well, ScartheLion added me. Also Papad. We had a gift exchange today, I got 3 gifts and I sent some good thoughtful gifts back!

Tomorrow We're ganna have another gift exchange at my den. It's ganna be at 11:00-1:00. Mountain Eastern time. Also, I won't be accepting anyone's Buddie requests unless you show me you don't scam, be rude, and play by AJ's rules. I'll have my 'Accepting Buddie request' thing off so No one adds me.

Also, some good news, I'm on the epic den's list! It says Jammer31436 on the list. This is the 1st time I've been on it! Not unless no one told me about the second, third, and so on time, Lol. 

Well, bye jammers!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hiya jammers. Well, Im just thinking out quitting this blog or turning it into a 'fun' blog. I mean, no one even reads this blog accept my friend SpinnerDolphin and a couple others.

Oh and, my friend told me something disturbing today. Well, she said she got hacked by her friend who wanted to play her AJ. They were bff's in real but you can never, ever, trust ANYONE.
She wanted me to ask you guys who actually read this blog to send Mooncoco any items or a few rares to get her back on her feet. I actually belive her because we've been friends since 2011 in May. She's never attempted to scam, debuddie me, be rude, or just be mean. And she's really nice ^-^

Also.. Im not going to be on AJ that much because... well... because I just sometimes need breaks from stuff like Animal jam. I sometimes need to rest from getting bullied at school, and stuff like that, Mkay?

And I hope to make some new friends because I lost 3 of my really, really good friends over a fight about my rares because I didn't want to let her borrow my spike collar which I really like. She said I didn't trust her but I do and stuff like that. And then my other friends did the same thing because I got a new mask today. I hate greedy Jammers >.<

Anyways, ya.. Just ya.. Im accepting most buddie requests if you prove your a good buddie. Maybe send me a thoughtful gift, come to my den and talk to me, or just say Hi to me once in a while. I mean, that's all I want; someone who I can be myself with who will always know what Im going through.. thanks jammers. Bye :l

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hi. Well, remember my post about being true about yourself to others? Well, Im not so sure I was true with you guys.

Today, I almost cried because no one would talk to me at recess. I was sad and I felt really lonely. Well, we went to Gym and we played Basketball, a game I hate because everyone just wants to win then loose for a change. Well, I can't hit the basket and they started to yell at me. It made me feel like I had to not miss. Well, we lost and I felt really bad; almost ready to cry.

Well, we got to our mid-day class, Social Studies and my friends started arguing about this thing they made up called 'Gymnastics'. They kicked my best friend Jennifer off the team and she said I and her would make our own team. Well, Gymnastics was the reason no one talked to me during recess and, I think it's silly anyways.

I felt like crying, but just closed my eyes and breathed slowly and tried my best not to. I ended up sheding a few tears but no-one even noticed. I once cried because my friends were arguing about who to be friends with and they ended up just switching schools and classes. I feel like I cause every fight that happens. I can't explain how bad and sad I feel about my life; I never have a friend just.. there for me.. accept, Jade, my best friend. And Jennifer, she was my friend, but she never talks to me that much anymore.

At Math class, we had to partner up and do some problems. All of a sudden, Jennifer blurts out "Trista!"
I'm guessing she likes Trista more than me. :( Well, that's how I felt today. Bye Jammers. :'C

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey Jammers! Well, guess what, and if your bad at guessing, this isn't for you! Just kidding! Well, I'm back.. sorta. I missed you Jammers way, way to much to quit like this! I should really think about what I do before I do it shouldn't I?

Well, there's the new-ish Snow Leopards today! Hmm.. in a post I read, AJ said that they didn't know about any arriving new animals, like the mysterious snow leopard, but now they know all about it. Isn't that weird? I think there's like a hacker, like, lolkingcentury. Remember him? He's a name hacker and he made.. well, I shouldn't say it! Anyways, there ARE hackers like that so I think that's what's going on. Also, they just had the arrival of the Arctic Wolves a couple of weeks ago.. and they never have been this exited about creating animals before!

Well, I would like to say to my old friend, SpinnerDolphin, that I'm sorry for.. well.. you know if your reading this what happen! I will always remember my old, good, actually great buddies forever close to my heart. :')

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm leaving Animaljam

Hi Jammers. As you can see from the post title, I'm going to quit Animal Jam. I know your like "What! Why?", and I understand why you'd say this, it's just I don't have any time for Animal Jam anymore. I get scammed like 2 times a week, and people are just flat out rude to me sometimes. I'm also getting just a little bit too old for this game and I'm more interested in a game called 'Wartune'. I'm very sorry to say all of this but everything has to die after it blossoms. Once I get everything straightened out, I'll post, play AJ, and stay on AJ more than I do now, but fr right now, I have to leave.

This is to my friend SpinnerDolphin. I'm so, so, so, so very sorry but I may have to leave our friendship behind because I don't have the time anymore like I used to. And to you Jammers, you shouldn't quit like I am now, play while you can!

I'm letting my brother have my account. I will miss all my friends and everyone I have just truly liked. I will come on once every week to see you guys.

My brother will now be taking over my account which is Jammer31436. If he does anything like be rude or scam, it's not me. Please don't forget about me guys thanks, it means alot :")

Also, I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks and won't have access to a computer for a while. Well, bye!

This is my good-bye picture, hope you all like it cause it's the last of me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be true, be YOU!

Hey, Jammers. I'd like to just be true with you about my life and about my other life on AJ. Well, on AJ, I can be anything I want to be, anything. But, in real life, you can only be yourself, nothing you can change about that. I'm shy in real life, and I'm really sensitive. Sometimes I'd come home and cry because my friends would tease me, but not offen. But on AJ, I feel as though I can be strong and stick up for myself if I needed to. I just want to say that you just need to be true with everyone, not just in real life, but also online. Show them your true colors. But if your, for say, 'mean', try being nice and make friends. I'm, inside, truly sorry for not being exactly 'me', but I'm shy and I feel as though I'm weak, so I try sticking up for myself on AJ.

Be true, be you! Thanks jammers.