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Friday, November 9, 2012


Today, I want to show you what scamming does. I'd never scam, and if your in my Anti Scammer group, you'd never scam. Please watch carfully because what your about to see is a sin...

They'd say your items isn't rare, then, give you a even 'rarer' item for it and say their item is rarer. Please be aware of scammers, they only sin and don't care what anyone else thinks or cares about, they only care about themselves and their items. Never give out any items or info to anyone, they'll scam you and leave you helpless!

Join my Anti group and help fight aginst the scammers!

Also, the party will be tomarrow at the time I posted in the post about the party. Enjoy the video, and join us today, thank you.

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