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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hey, Jammers! This is me, Jammer31436 here! I'd just like to say a few things before I start posting and all.....

Please buddy me if I have room. Also, tell your friends about this blog, it's not going to kill you to now is it? Haha, well anyways, I want to post some shout outs!

First shout-out goes to Gingerpawz for inspiring me to make a blog! She's a really nice, understanding friend. I've told her many of my personal things and she's responed really responcivly to them. She's probly my bestest buddy!

Second shout-out goes to DoomyPanda for being such a great and understanding buddy. I know I havn't talked to her in a while, but that doesn't mean I forgot about her! :D

And my finall shout-out goes to Nytefaerie for being a really, really good and random friend!

Thank you, to all my freinds for being there for me, and sticking through it with me!

Also, I'm happy to applide that I might get some more buddie space because right now I only have 23 slots. :( Oh well.

Visit this blog offen for new updates, codes,
tips, and more! ;D Good-bye you Jammers!

Also, I will have some of my buddies' blog featured soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hey Jammers! Thanks for visiting my new blog! I really appreciate it ;D