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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm leaving Animaljam

Hi Jammers. As you can see from the post title, I'm going to quit Animal Jam. I know your like "What! Why?", and I understand why you'd say this, it's just I don't have any time for Animal Jam anymore. I get scammed like 2 times a week, and people are just flat out rude to me sometimes. I'm also getting just a little bit too old for this game and I'm more interested in a game called 'Wartune'. I'm very sorry to say all of this but everything has to die after it blossoms. Once I get everything straightened out, I'll post, play AJ, and stay on AJ more than I do now, but fr right now, I have to leave.

This is to my friend SpinnerDolphin. I'm so, so, so, so very sorry but I may have to leave our friendship behind because I don't have the time anymore like I used to. And to you Jammers, you shouldn't quit like I am now, play while you can!

I'm letting my brother have my account. I will miss all my friends and everyone I have just truly liked. I will come on once every week to see you guys.

My brother will now be taking over my account which is Jammer31436. If he does anything like be rude or scam, it's not me. Please don't forget about me guys thanks, it means alot :")

Also, I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks and won't have access to a computer for a while. Well, bye!

This is my good-bye picture, hope you all like it cause it's the last of me.

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