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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey Jammers! Well, guess what, and if your bad at guessing, this isn't for you! Just kidding! Well, I'm back.. sorta. I missed you Jammers way, way to much to quit like this! I should really think about what I do before I do it shouldn't I?

Well, there's the new-ish Snow Leopards today! Hmm.. in a post I read, AJ said that they didn't know about any arriving new animals, like the mysterious snow leopard, but now they know all about it. Isn't that weird? I think there's like a hacker, like, lolkingcentury. Remember him? He's a name hacker and he made.. well, I shouldn't say it! Anyways, there ARE hackers like that so I think that's what's going on. Also, they just had the arrival of the Arctic Wolves a couple of weeks ago.. and they never have been this exited about creating animals before!

Well, I would like to say to my old friend, SpinnerDolphin, that I'm sorry for.. well.. you know if your reading this what happen! I will always remember my old, good, actually great buddies forever close to my heart. :')


  1. Jammer,
    I feel so horrible after this, I don't want us to stop being buddies. I'm sorry about what happened.
    - SpinnerDolphin (or something else after I change my user...)


  2. Spinner, it's ok. Im sorry too. Everyone has their ups and downs in friendships. Just keep your mind fresh and love others :)

  3. Omg.. That was like totaly weird. I saw a person with a rope around their neck.. Maybe a new item? I sure hope not, It looked violent! >.<