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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update and new item!

cToday is the update! That means that Turtles are now for everyone and you can still get your pet foxes with membership, but hurry they'll be gone when November ends!

Also, new videos in Brady Bar's lab and Tierney Thy's aqarium!
There's also a new Jam-a-gram you can send to your buddies'!
There's also new Homade Wings in Jam Mart Clothing, and the current Doulble Gem game is Eat 'em up! Happy Jamming, and stay safe online!


  1. Jammer!!!! IS THAT REALLY YOU?!?!!! Omg I never knew!!! NICE BLOG THOUGH!!!! It's Spinner if u want to know lol!

  2. Yes, it is me, Jammer! And I monerated your comment now! (p.s use some correct grammar next time, lol.)

    Hope to see you following my blog soon if you make a Blogger or Google account!
    Also, check out my Youtube account! It's Frozenclaws0! Thanks, and Jam on!