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Friday, November 9, 2012

Spinner and cc, buddies of the week and scammer :T

Hi Jammers! I just wanted to mention my good friend SpinnerDolphin in today's post! Add her and she might accept. She's a really great friend to hang with!

Also, today, I almost got scammed by a Jammer named 'stellaq432'. She asked me if I sent my fox hat that she'd send her tan Fox hat and a Phantom hat from Febuary's Friendship party. I said no, and she asked if I'd trade her for her phantom hat, and I also said no. That's when she said she'd report me if I didn't accept. I didn't accept, and said "I'm not stupid you know? I know that you scam, and you should be punished." And she didn't responed, just de-buddied me and left my den.

I hope you Jammers also start commenting soon! It would meant alot to me if you did. Also, keep an eye out for the scammer I meantioned up here, she's 'very' sneaky, I guess? Lol.

Also, to my friend Spinner, if you'd like to be an author, you could! Just ask me and I'll add you to my 'Authors' page and let you post. Thanks for reading my posts also! I'm very thankful that you did because It seems like no-one else does... weird. 

And... *dromrolles*  the buddies' of the week is SpinnerDolphin and cc425! Thanks for being such great friends, and cc, please talk to me more offen. Spinner, also thanks a million for being my awesome buddie!

Bye, Jammers, and thanks! Jam on and keep belivin' Jammers! Until the next post!


  1. Hey Jammer it's me Spinner! Thanks so much for making me a buddy of the week. It means so much to me. You are also such a great friend and I'm happy to be your buddy. About being the author, I don't really know, I don't have a blogger (but I could make one). Maybe... Anyway thanks so much and Jam On!

  2. No problem, Spinner! It's also such a pleasure to be your friend, thanks so much. Also, about being an author, you make that blog and I'll add you to my blog authors' list! Thanks, and Jam on!