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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hi. Well, remember my post about being true about yourself to others? Well, Im not so sure I was true with you guys.

Today, I almost cried because no one would talk to me at recess. I was sad and I felt really lonely. Well, we went to Gym and we played Basketball, a game I hate because everyone just wants to win then loose for a change. Well, I can't hit the basket and they started to yell at me. It made me feel like I had to not miss. Well, we lost and I felt really bad; almost ready to cry.

Well, we got to our mid-day class, Social Studies and my friends started arguing about this thing they made up called 'Gymnastics'. They kicked my best friend Jennifer off the team and she said I and her would make our own team. Well, Gymnastics was the reason no one talked to me during recess and, I think it's silly anyways.

I felt like crying, but just closed my eyes and breathed slowly and tried my best not to. I ended up sheding a few tears but no-one even noticed. I once cried because my friends were arguing about who to be friends with and they ended up just switching schools and classes. I feel like I cause every fight that happens. I can't explain how bad and sad I feel about my life; I never have a friend just.. there for me.. accept, Jade, my best friend. And Jennifer, she was my friend, but she never talks to me that much anymore.

At Math class, we had to partner up and do some problems. All of a sudden, Jennifer blurts out "Trista!"
I'm guessing she likes Trista more than me. :( Well, that's how I felt today. Bye Jammers. :'C

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  1. Wow, that is so messed up. All though I'm never alone and always with my BFF's it's been a hard day for you. Sorry.