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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hiya jammers. Well, Im just thinking out quitting this blog or turning it into a 'fun' blog. I mean, no one even reads this blog accept my friend SpinnerDolphin and a couple others.

Oh and, my friend told me something disturbing today. Well, she said she got hacked by her friend who wanted to play her AJ. They were bff's in real but you can never, ever, trust ANYONE.
She wanted me to ask you guys who actually read this blog to send Mooncoco any items or a few rares to get her back on her feet. I actually belive her because we've been friends since 2011 in May. She's never attempted to scam, debuddie me, be rude, or just be mean. And she's really nice ^-^

Also.. Im not going to be on AJ that much because... well... because I just sometimes need breaks from stuff like Animal jam. I sometimes need to rest from getting bullied at school, and stuff like that, Mkay?

And I hope to make some new friends because I lost 3 of my really, really good friends over a fight about my rares because I didn't want to let her borrow my spike collar which I really like. She said I didn't trust her but I do and stuff like that. And then my other friends did the same thing because I got a new mask today. I hate greedy Jammers >.<

Anyways, ya.. Just ya.. Im accepting most buddie requests if you prove your a good buddie. Maybe send me a thoughtful gift, come to my den and talk to me, or just say Hi to me once in a while. I mean, that's all I want; someone who I can be myself with who will always know what Im going through.. thanks jammers. Bye :l

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